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See the detail difference when you trust your vehicle to our professional team.

With MAINTAIN professional detailing service, an expert detailer with 8,000+ hours experience will spend a minimum of five hours on your vehicle, using the most comprehensive arsenal of eco-friendly products in the industry.



Vs. $700 at local detail shops

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  • Engine shampoo
  • Exterior hand washing
  • Washing and cleaning of door jams, wheel wells and rims
  • Tire cleaning and dressing
  • Interior shampooing and steaming (removes most stains and odours)
  • Deep cleaning of vinyl/leather
  • Cleaning of carpets, mats, vents, ash trays, cup holders, dashboard, door panels, windows, roof liner and trunk (including your spare tire compartment)
  • 3 Stage Paint Correction (first three stages/products of our 14 stage MAINTAIN product line)
  • 24 hour turn-around

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